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Gerhard Berger  Benetton - BMW 1986

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A bivak and chapel on the Griespass, Swiss/Italian border. Built in remembrance of three scouts, who died there in December 1953.

Contributed by Joachim S.

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Fhilippo Tommaso Marinetti, Zang Tumb Tumb, Rdizioni Futuriste de Poesia, Mila, (1914)

 As a reporter during the Balkan war, Marrinetti witnessed the siege of Turkish Andrianopoli by the Bulgarians. Zang Tumb Tumb is a novel based on his experiences, The chance to try to create war like images in type was too good for a lover of violence and chaos to pass up.

 The cover reads, “Words of Liberty” design and display mode, here created exclusively with type. (For later, more chaotic designs, Marinetti created a collage with drawn shapes and cut up piece of print patched in) The text, however is more original and far more interesting in it’s effect of “Visual onomatopoeia”. Like other writings of his, his book was declaimed by Marinnetti in deliberately rowdy performances – often in London Variety theatres, where music hall traditions could cope with the Futurist uproar.

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mate.marte - Alfenzbruecke bridge, Montafon 2011. Photos (C) Marc Lins

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Some 90s Haçienda tunes to pass the time whilst I wait for my train. Does make me want to go out though…

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Section 25 + Crispy Ambulance

Factory Night at The Lexington

6 September 2014


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The fortress, Carcassonne

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