"First Contact," painted 1965 by German futurist Klaus Bürgle for Das Neue Universum.

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A Factory Night For Record Store Day with designer Trevor Johnson and event promoter Colin White

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Hacienda Membership Form 1982.


Hacienda Membership Form 1982.


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I danced to his beat. What a beat it was.

RIP Frankie

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@NOMA53, @FuturEverything, @ProjectUnitX, @creative_mmedia, @mmufilmandmedia. Install Day 1: A busy productive day of scavenging for materials and starting to mock up installations for our UnitX City Fictions project with 1st year Interiors, creative multimedia and 3rd year Film and Media Studies students…

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NOMA Manchester.

The new co-operative quarter.

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Did you ever ask yourself where do the F1 cars go once the season is over? Well, this is McLaren’s answer: Unit 2.

Located in a secret location in the south of England, the historical cars driven by Hunt, Senna, Prost, Hakkinen, Raikkonen, Hamilton, Button and many others are stored there - safe from the rest of the world.

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